Suitable for beginners, minimum of 20 weeks. You will learn the techniques required for a creative trade in traditional and modern upholstery.

This course has been designed to teach the techniques required for a creative trade in the traditional craft of upholstery. You will learn the skills to undertake complex upholstery projects and commissions using techniques and materials for traditional and modern upholstery. You will be able work independently developing your skills in the reupholstery of antique furniture and contemporary modern upholstery.

This course is a progressive and project based programme. Each step builds on the technical challenges of the previous project. As each step is achieved students will develop and consolidate skills, progressing professionally and growing in technical confidence. 

Our courses are suitable for all abilities and learning takes place in a supportive and friendly environment. Students work on new frames designed and constructed for the application of upholstery materials and techniques. Upholstering from the frame up allows students to
gain a complete understanding of all the steps involved in upholstering traditional and modern upholstered furniture.

Courses run on a weekly basis throughout the year, Mon-Thurs 9:15am-4:30pm. You can spread your course into weekly or fortnightly chunks as convenient or shorter weeks if required. Cost £420 per week plus frames and materials.

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