Our week long courses are suitable for beginners who want an introduction to traditional upholstery or for students who want to work on a smaller piece of their choice. You might choose to reupholster a traditional seat such as a dining or occasional chair or bring an alternative project which can be modern or traditional, send a photo of your project and we can advise you on fabric requirements and suitability, we’ll let you know it is likely to take longer than a week.

Students use our week long courses as beginners just starting out in upholstery, to build on skills, upholster their own pieces or to follow their own programme of progression. The cost per week is £420 plus materials.

You will have your own fully equipped workbench and tool rack with access to industrial sewing machines and cutting tables, not to mention the expertise of our skilled tutors. Sundry upholstery materials are available for supply as well as a wide range of fabrics from all the major fabric houses and a number of independents.

What project to bring 

Suitable projects for beginners on week-long courses:

Traditional seats such as an occasional or a dining chair, you will learn about webbing, lashing of springs, first stuffing with hair or fibre, stitching techniques such as bridal loops etc. These are the foundation techniques for Traditional Upholstery.

Traditionally upholstered bergere chairs, buttoned boxes, footstools or piano stools etc are also ideal. We can also supply modern ottomans with a choice of legs and cocktail chairs.

Your Own Personal Project

If you want to bring your own project, we can advise you about the skills level and the length of time it is likely to take. It’s fine to book a week and add extra days as needed for completion. You pick the piece of furniture and the fabrics you love, and we’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge to create your dream piece. We want all our students to go home having crafted something they can be proud of.

Suitable projects for intermediate skills base and projects which are likely to take longer than 4 days: Nursing chairs, wingbacks, chairs with buttons. This is just a guideline, if you send a photo we will be able to advise you.

When does the course run

The course runs over 4 days Mon-Thurs from 9.15am-4.30pm, the cost is £420 plus materials. We offer flexible attendance because we know how difficult it can be to fit in time for yourself. It’s possible to spread the 4 days over a period of time and maybe do 1 or 2 days a week. The maximum class size for each course is eight, it’s a perfect activity to do with friends. 

Contact us via email on info@oxfordschoolofupholstery.com and send us pictures of the piece you have in mind. Alternatively, give us a call on 01865 872121 and we can talk through and advise whether your piece is suitable.

  Book Your Upholstery Course

Booking is easy. We offer a range of courses for both leisure and professional training from one week, project courses and upholstery clubs, to the certificated diploma courses. We offer flexible attendance so you can choose how you want to attend to fit with your life whether that be over consecutive weeks or spread out in short blocks.

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